Transforming Spaces With Art

All of our original paintings come in beautiful wooden frames that are handmade in our studio in Brentwod Bay in Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

At Artverse Gallery, we understand how crucial attention to detail is.

We have over 6 years of experience working with trade partners including interior designers, architects, project managers and room designers. 

It is our job to ensure you receive the highest quality artwork for your project, and to work alongside with you and  to ensure we deliver your vision when creating a space for a client in their home or office to enjoy, relax and admire for many years.


For Designers, By Designers.

Artverse Gallery is made up of artists, designers and creative professionals and we believe that the little things make a difference.

When it comes to art and interior design, we are here to help make sourcing local art easier.  We help you create beautiful spaces with beautiful oil paintings that depict the local scenes and landmarks.

Discover how we can help you today and let Artverse Gallery become your perfect local source for your art projects.


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